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RoadTrip 2017 - Getting Ready and Clearing the Mind

We are getting ready to leave on a five-week 5,000 mile road trip to northern national parks and across the country to Wisconsin and return to San Diego.  Last year a did a similar trip solo and I am really looking forward to this first long road trip with Bobbi since her retirement in January.

Road trips are great times to clear the mind and to enter a new routine of observation of life.  Clearing the mind of life's worries and stresses is possible because the road trip gives one time to reflect during long hours driving and relax time spent in nature.  Observations of life in other places gives us insight into our own existence and hopefully some insight into the lives and thoughts of others who live in the places we visit on our travels.

That's what I hope to achieve during the next five weeks, enjoying the moment, enjoying mountains, trees and streams, and enjoying time to reflect.

I hope to post to this blog along the way, to share my experiences with myself and with anyo…

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